Aplikasi SOK++ {flood,tool,kick,mix} Mig33


* Auto Entry
* Auto Leave
* Auto Kick
* fully featured room chat viewer
* Fastest roll kick ever
* Balance inquiry
* Hide own idsin target
* Sing in as invisible
* Displays number of ids in room
* Best ever flooding options
* Hang code flood
* Separate control of two kicking sets
* Auto save settings
* Auto load target list with asjustable refresh rate
* Single click kick
* Room block with auto entry
* Editable IP
* Can save anad load 8 sets multy
* Relogin option for target ids
* Quick way to open and edit program setup files
* Can save room chat in rtf file so it can be seen any other time
* A powerful php powered admin detector that can detect invisible admins
* No need to restart program for loading ids
* Single click registration metho

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