Luxury Adm1n W4r With Auto Kick

** Luxury Adm1n W4r With Auto Kick Feature Best Fastest Auto Roll Multy Kicker Tools **

Main Feature:

* Luxury Mix Theme
* Luxury Admin Tools
* Luxury Profile Tools
* Luxury Store
* Luxury Room Tools
* Mail Tools
* Gift Tools
* Luxury Group Tools
* Luxury Avatar Mix
* Mig wars Tools
* Help Rooms
* Admin & Staff Finder
* Advertisement Center
* Fake Mail Sender
* ID Status Checker
* Mig33 Emote Command
* Special Flood Code
* Mig33 Tips @ Tricks
* Unban Mig33 Id Easily
* About Luxury Team

Settings Command :

.b for banned list
0 for kick list
.like for like in room
.l for like in room/pvt to like user
.fp for footprint
.s for settings
.j1 for enter id1
.j2 for enter Id2
.lv for leave Id
press * button for snapshot

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