Swift Administrator v3(T) By THAKUR Trial mode

here i post updated version of my previous swift administrator v2,this tool is for admin kick which based on profile analysis.it is profile based multi id kick tool

how to use it:
1.u need equal id for who analyze profile example: if room user is 25 then u need 25 id from ur one
2.u need at least 25 id for use it
3.load ur id via load or arrange
4.log ur ids and get room list
5.check all profile of room user.if security code ask,profile not view,so fill up security code for view profile analysis
6.u can arrange target via their profile data as miglevel,like vote,avatar vote,footprint,friend and gift count
7.u need fix a level u want,i.e u want kick miglevel lower than 8 then click on "8",if ur limit not mark here,then u can fix ur own limit by click on "limit" and type ur limit besides this command in white textbox
8.to confirm ur target,u can list it by "list target" and kick them for "kick target"

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