Aplikasi Socket Error Flood CRACKED by: turjo-.-at

- Set multy login 15 id
- Auto  flood stylish
- Auto flood dc code
- Send text multy
- Auto getlist
- Auto enter room
- Spy room
- Kick on click getlist
- Set thema software
- Set interval

How to use :
- silakan anda click Register OCX.cmd sebelum mengunakan aplikasi ini kemudian silakan anda click Sock3t Err0r CRACKED.exe
- Lihat gambar ini 

- Kemudian anda click activate
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How to use :
- Please yuor click on Register  OCX.cmd before using this application you then please click Sock3t Err0r CRACKED.exe
- Look at this picture
-Then you click the Activate

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