S0ck3t Err0r Ult1m4te v1.2

s0ck3t err0r ult1m4te v1.2
- 6Set Multy.
- Can save unlimited ids in per Set.
- 5 Team For Every Set. (Total 30set)
- Admin Detector.
- Auto Leave On Admin Detect.
- Multy Chat.
- Single ID Enter/Left.
- Balance Checker.
- MigLevel Checker.
- Fast GetList.
- Auto Refresh GetList.
- Chat Box. (Won’t Hang At Flooding Time).
- Mobile Multy Controler (MMC).
- Auto Entry.
- Touch Kick.
- Manual Kick.
- Auto Login Id On Soft Open.
- Always On Top.
- Auto Save Previous Setting.
Flooding Features:
- Auto Flood With Random Emote Change.
- Can Save Own Flood In 4Text File And Do Auto+Manual Flood.
- Abuser Flood.
- Auto Flood With Single ID.
- Auto Emote Changer Flood With Single ID.
- Auto Abuser Flood With Single Id.
- Set Interval.
Mobile Multy Controler
By this option you can control the soft from your mobile phone.
I mean enter multy,flood,auto flood,kik,auto enter,multy chat,single id enter left etc etc.
In a word you can control full soft by mobile
Translate indonesian:
Dengan opsi ini Anda dapat mengontrol Aplikasi dari ponsel Anda.
Maksudku masukkan Multi, Flood, Flood otomatis, kik, auto masukkan, multi chat, id tunggal masukkan kiri dll dll
Dalam kata, Anda dapat mengontrol penuh lembut oleh mobile
nb:please click reg ocx for use this aplication
silahkan anda klik reg ocx sebelum menggunakan aplikasi ini

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