S0ck3t Err0r Ult1m4te by: turjo-.-at


s0ck3t err0r ult1m4te

- 6Set Multy.
- Can save unlimited ids in per Set.
- 5 Team For Every Set. (Total 30set)
- Admin Detector.
- Auto Leave On Admin Detect.
- Multy Chat.
- Single ID Enter/Left.
- Balance Checker.
- MigLevel Checker.
- Fast GetList.
- Auto Refresh GetList.
- Auto Entry.
- Touch Kick.
- Manual Kick.
- Auto Login Id On Soft Open.
- Always On Top.
- Auto Save Previous Setting
Flooding Features:

- Auto Flood With Random Emote Change.
- Can Save Own Flood In 4Text File And Do Auto+Manual Flood.
- Abuser Flood.
- Auto Flood With Single ID.
- Auto Emote Changer Flood With Single ID.
- Set Interval.
You need to register this soft to use.Registation is Free.
For Register it private with me in Mig33. turjo-.-at
But Don't Ask Me For Activation With Fake Id
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Anda harus mendaftar untuk use.Registation lunak ini adalah gratis.
Untuk pendaftaran pribadi dengan saya di Mig33. turjo-.-di
Tapi Jangan Minta Aku Untuk Aktivasi Dengan Fake Id
 nb: please ur click reg ocx this aplication and then this reg ocx finish can ur click file seu.exe to open this aplication

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