Aplikasi admin manager



* Multiple Set
* Balance Checker
* ID Status
* Chat Sound
* Assign Ownership
* Primary Language
* Room Description Editor
* Keyword Manager
* Winamp Updater
* Delay. Sleep Delay
* Room Spy
* Allow user to Add keyword & Kick
* Kick - Ban - Unban - Add Mod - Remove Mod
* Auto Leave Group Chat. Auto Leave Room. Auto Reply
how to use :
please ur extract file and then ur write password :www.t3rmin4t0rz.com
please ur click folder support and then ur click :klik me to Reg OCX.bat 
then ur click folder data and ur click edis.bat 
Translate to indonesian language:
silahkan anda extract file dan kemudian masukan password :www.t3rmin4t0rz.com
silahkan anda click folder support dan kemudian anda click : klik me Reg OCC.bat
kemudian anda click folder data dan click edis.bat

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