Revengerz v5.2 {mobile}


1. Fast Auto Like With Auto Like Booster
2. Kick In Room For Mod And Admin
3. Auto Wc
4. Auto Advertise
5. Auto Reply
6. Revengerz Like Booster
4. v3.0 And v4.0 Also In That Soft. So You Can Use It In v5.0 Also
5. Level Booster, See In Our Store
6. Fast Auto Footprint

# You just have to open v5.2 and go to Menu> Revengerz> Auto Footprints

You Will Get 70 To 90 Like Per Hour From Normal Auto Like. And You Can Get 110 Like By Manual Like. For Manual Like Go To Any Like Room Of Swifty And Give .rv 15 .lk In Rum Per 5 Min. Then You Can Get More Then 100 Like, So You Can Get Near About 220+ Like Per Hour If You Use Auto And Manual Like Both.

For Manual Like Setting Please Go To Menu> Revengerz> Like Help Page. And Read All Info.

Some Command Of v5.0:
* .a For Auto Advertisemest
* Press 0 For Kick In Room
* Write 0 To Stop Auto Wc

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